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A 24-hour emergency unit

We perform appliance and equipment repairs in case of damages or failures. We take action based on the request received from our Customer and respond to it within the agreed time frame. We operate in 3 modes: critical, urgent and regular (standard).

Maintenance of technical installations

Ongoing removal of malfunctions is our primary speciality. It also includes maintaining the facilities under our care as well as the installations, equipment and systems on their premises in good technical condition.

Preventive maintenance of facilities

We conduct periodic inspections and repairs Thanks to the actions planned by our company, we can conduct repairs at a convenient time without disorganizing the operation of your business.


Helpline: +48 603 631 456


Our offer

Analysis, processing and consultancy Maintenance of separators, storm and sanitary sewer systems as well as cold and hot water systems.

Maintenance of gas installations, shut-off valves, flap valves, reduction and measurement stations, installation tightness checks.

Maintenance of electrical installations: administrative switchboards, overcurrent and residual-current protection devices, internal and external lighting, replacement of light sources, emergency lighting, installation measurements.

Maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning: roof fans, duct fans, ventilation ducts, controllers, filters, inspections with a visual camera, shut-off valves, maintenance of compressors and coolers.

Detection of carbon monoxide, sprinkler systems, SAP control of detectors, acoustic, alarm sounders, installation tests, hydrant system maintenance, control of fire-protection switchboard and detectors.

Maintenance of central heating systems: maintenance of shut-off, control and safety valves, maintenance of membrane vessels, cleaning of desludgers, maintenance of boilers, exchangers and hot water cylinders.

Maintenance of barriers, fence and garage doors. Control and replacement of actuators as well as oil and sensors. Maintenance of automation, actuators, control of photocells, maintenance of radio control, electronic and segment gates.

Statements of Energy Performance of Buildings. Energy and thermal efficiency improvement audits Technical consultancy in the area of modernizations and operation of sanitary and energy installations

Maintenance of smoke damper systems, detectors, actuators, control panels, maintenance of fire protection partition walls, signalling devices, sensors and electromagnets.

We provide broadly understood facility management services. In particular, we reduce the cost of their maintenance, improve the quality of the services rendered therein and increase their market value.

We employ licensed property managers who run and oversee the day-to-day management of facilities. They also plan short and long-term goals and the methods of their implementation to maintain the facilities in the best condition possible.

We provide expert advice on effective facility management and infrastructure services related thereto. We also reduce the costs arising from conducting your business and provide advice on matters related to fees and taxes.


Our business model is designed to provide our Customers with comprehensive, smooth and flexible management of their facilities and related equipment.

We guarantee that the quality of the services rendered by First PFM is consistent with important qualitative parameters defined in the SLA agreement.

We systematically provide our Customers with reports based on data collected during audits as well as summaries generated from our request management system.

We compare processes and practices applied by our company with the rules applied in the industry. We use the results of such analyses to improve the services rendered by First PFM.